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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bubuye..kejut mama erk

Last saturday, my aunt give me a vitamin for cat because i told her Bubuye dun like to eat much.Bubuye kind of lost her apetite even i gave her ayam rebus..hurm...
yesterday..bubuye mula makan banyak...i am happy to see bubuye asyik makan..before this..she never manage to finish all the kibble that i gave her..i only give her a small amount..huh..but surprisingly..yesterday..malam saja..she eat 3 time...and she also finis all the ayam rebus that i gave her..i am so happy..

well..before i go to sleep...i just let her sit next o the window..her fav spot lah tuh.. samapi usap2 dia..i cakap ' bubuye, mama takut mama tak sedar sok pagi...nnti tlg kejut mama erk kol 6.15 ' hehe..i juct ckp je..mcm bosan lak i cakap mcm tuh dengan dia..hehe...

this morning...even my alart is set at 6 am..i tgk dgr...luckily bubuye mcm duduk atas my lengan and that make me wake up..huh..mujur bubuye kejut aku...last time pun dia pnh buat mcm nie..but masa tuh dia cium2 muka cute laa dia nie..this morning bubuye buat muka toye dia sbb kene tinggal sorng2..jgn nakal2 ya bubuye

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